Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding Biz

So I got another one of those emails from You know, one of those "you have done no work whatsoever and your wedding day is 1 year, 5 months and 2 days away."

Some of it sooo doesn't bother me. I was talking to my hairdresser about planning. We agreed that about 80% of the planning cannot be done before the year mark. But then we agreed that the stuff I could have done now, should be settled sooner rather than later. Um, like the church and minister. Kinda important. And the guest list and timing issues. I haven't done it. Hmm.

The nice thing was is that he totally validated the bridesmaid idea, the let's pick one color and have everyone choose a style. He was like 'THANK GOD FOR THAT!' I laughed and asked why he was so emphatic and he told me of a nightmarish wedding he did hair for last summer where the bridesmaids were dressed in floor-length salmon-colored halter dresses. He was like "Ok, honestly, the color sucked. It looked good on one person. But the thing that totally killed it was that the maids were all shapes sizes and skin tones. If the bride had just let them pick the style it would've made a world of difference." The other wedding he did featured lots of turquoise, but he pointed out that choosing a body-type-appropriate maids dress saved the wedding party. So at least that's set. Guess I should probably ask the bridal party formally. Tee hee.

Another thing - I 'trol the wedding blogs regularly, particularly on days like today, where I am grossly overtired, kinda cranky and desperate to stay awake. I looked at one site that is hashing out nail color. This bride is thinking red. I LOVE IT. Don't get me wrong, I adore a nice french manicure (and fake nails) but the truth is in the days marching up to our wedding date, I'm going to be doing a lot of physical sh*t with my hands. They're going to take a beating. One solution would be to get a set of acrylic, but I'm not sure that's my style. I had them for a while and totally loved it....but...what I really want to do is file my nails super-short, sligtly square and rock It's a Doozi, Says Suzi on both toes and fingies.

It's a Doozi, Says Suzi

Especially since a few friends said that I "had to" get a french manicure and one woman at a nail salon said that brides come in there "with all sorts of ideas" but she always always always puts Essie Ballet Slippers on their nails because it's "soft, feminine and bridal" ummm so I have never encountered a masculine nail polish, and what is wrong with red? It rocks. Of course I'll be destined to change my mind about a billion times before the big day, and maybe It's a Doozi will look sh*tty with my dress, but I am sticking to the red I think. I just love it. Love the idea. Plus for a fall wedding I think it would stand out even less.

Ok enough musing for the day. Back to work I go!


everything and nothing said...

Like the red!!! Very exciting. Salmon is totally my color, but obviously not everyone's. I agree with Andrew (it was Andrew, right?) regarding choice of styles. That is all.

Al said...