Thursday, May 07, 2009

Unamusing When the Alarm Is Going Off in Five Hours and Twenty Minutes

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Last night at Babson, Jam and I were roused by the fire alarm. Was I totally asleep? No. Was I seriously thinking about it? Yes. But then I had to get up, find a fleece, put on non-see-through pants over my jammies (btw we knew at least our part of the building wasn't burning, thus the taking time to put on pants. Otherwise I would have no qualms about running out nekkid). Then I sat on a stonewall outside the exec conference center and watched the firemen assess the situation. I figured it would be ok when the hook and ladder sped off campus with lights and sirens blaring, going to a "real call." Needless to say 5:20 came around obscenely early, but Jam gave me 20 extra minutes (awesomeness). Plus it's freakin' glorious out! I thought it was supposed to rain forever! It's sunny and nice and the birds are singing and the trees are blooming - can't complain too much ;)

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