Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I just read online that basically, planning a wedding is the antithesis of feminism.
Can't a girl be a strong independent woman and still want to wear a white dress and have a big ol' party?
I understand that's not for everyone. TOTALLY. And I understand people take the wedding day planning and the event itself waaaay waaaay too far and over-the-top.
I can still be a bride and a feminist...and go a little crazy planning out every detail, from diy envelope liners to homemade cookie favors.
Or are my DIY goals of baking and making the very antithesis of feminism?
I am thinking that they're not. Why? Because no one asked me to do this. I decided I wanted to do it. And just because I have skills traditionally thought of as "female" skills, why should I not flaunt my abilities? I GOT MAD SKILLLZZZZ and everyone is going to get to enjoy them. Including me!!
Ok. I feel better now. Phew.

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