Friday, December 05, 2008

Safari Holiday

I read a Kenyan woman's blog. Actually I think she might be a white Zimbabwean and actually live in Tanzania, I'm not too clear because she writes in basically a stream of consciousness style. I love it though and am addicted.

For Christmas she is off to Zambia for a horseback safari.

While I love and adore Christmas in New England, this year the stress, the frenetic commutes from work trying to share a space with crazed commuters, holiday tourists, and the "I travel to the city but once a year to Christmas shop," the demands at work, the demands of family (though none of them unreasonable by any means, simply existing) the commitments and parties, well, they have made me just tired. And I guess a bit forlorn. I want to go home and pull the covers over my head and sleep. And I love this time of year. I'm not a holiday hater that bitches and moans about this part of the season. I've lost hold of my optimism. Hopefully it's only temporary.

Anyways, I became overwhelmed with jealousy at a safari holiday. It just sounds so wonderful and lovely and wild and new.

Maybe I need something new?

I dunno.

I guess I don't really have a point except to say, I'd rather be in Africa.

I think if I won the lottery (maybe I should buy a ticket) the first thing I would do is quit my job and go on a long-ass vacation (SAFARI!), wherein I decide who will benefit from my new found wealth. Hospital in Kenya, of course. Friends out of student debt, of course. Family mortgages paid, land on Bear Island purchased and put in permanent trust under our family's names. Lots and lots of good deeds done. Ha ha my save the world foundation finally in place. I'd spend all my time fixing things. It'd be great.

Ah well. At least I have a pleasant weekend planned. A lot of alone time doing Christmas projects, and then some holiday party socialization that should be fun. Yankee swaps and such. And I'm so not taking work home this weekend! ha!

Signing off from my pointless post now....

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Elizabeth said...

You should come over for some Brain Integration relaxation and see our tree! The girls talked me into getting a fake tree, the first of my life, and it is the most fantastic thing ever. It's basically a lincoln log with pipe cleaners (ghetto!) but with our decorations it's super cute! It'll put you in the holiday spirit for sure. :)