Monday, December 15, 2008

Quick Photo Share

Whew, Monday again. I have to say that I dreaded this Monday far less than usual because the annoying coworker who sits next to me will be gone this entire week on a Mexican cruise. Naturally I am jealous, but the important thing is that she won't be here to peer over my shoulder, and I will most likely have nearly 3 hours every morning to myself in the office. Right now I am about to go make my second bagel of the day and sit with a cup tea and do work/watch the sun rise over the Brigham.

Anyways, my weekend was only half productive. While I got a decent amount done, hours and hours worth of work had to be put in behind the computer, and that got frustrating - especially when shutterfly logged me out of my account and deleted my entire project. It's cool though, cause I finished and it has already shipped out, thank goodness. I'm not going to go into detail about it because it's for my sister for Christmas and a surprise, but it involves pictures. As I was looking at the final product again today, I noticed I had used this little gem of a shot:
This is the State Police Christmas Party at the Foxborough Barracks, and it looks to be Christmas 1985. Santa would land in a helicopter and come and give us gifts that our parents had bought and wrapped (I was so slow on the uptake too, I always wondered how Santa got the gifts there cause he definitely didn't have them in the helicopter. I believed in magic and sh*t to though, so obviously that was that.)

What I love about this pictures is the expression of pure disdain on my sister's face. My mom is all "Honey that's Santa! He's come to bring you presents!!" While Amy is like "No, this is a stranger in a fake beard, and no, I will NOT sit on his lap!"
Smart kid ;)

I also love her little maryjanes and the hand-knitted cap she's wearing. So cute. The face is what makes the picture though, totally.

I'll have more after Christmas, when the secret's been revealed!

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