Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm Calmly Running on all 8 Cylinders

Phew. I'm calm again.

The weekend helped. Though I got NOTHING accomplished except spending money on stuff. Yikes! The good thing is that I made it to this point in the week not entirely broke despite my uncertain student loan consolidation process. Oh well.

Now I have big plans for next weekend. Quite a bit of sewing to do, some definite knitting, lots of baking. I'm wondering if I can freeze the gifts for my coworkers and take them out in a couple weeks and still have them taste good. hmmmm. I am definitely making cookies for the blood donor clinic staff too, which should be a hit! I'll be up for my 44th donation on the 22nd, the week of Christmas and the beginning of Hanukkah sooooo that'll be good timing too.

Hurray, I have made it passed the "I am depressed and angry and anxious" hump to "I LOVE CHRISTMAS" LOL. EE, my brain totally needs to be integrated.

Tonight, after I work late because my coworker caught me coming in late, Ame and I are off to Old Navy for our 2nd Annual Giving Tree BuyFest where we purchase incredibly adorable kid stuff for the names Ame picked off the Giving Tree at her office. While some kids ask for toys, we usually pick the kids who need clothes, because as two 20-somethings sans offspring AND rent, it's not a big deal for us to go out and buy a winter coat for a kid, unlike someone with a family and 2+ kids to clothe and feed. Even though the budget is tight this year, Old Navy usually has some great deals and we can get the kid a big ol' pile of clothes for short money. Plus I have my handy Old Navy charge, zip zip. After that, we're heading to $5 night at the movies. Quantum of Solace or Twilight? I have to admit, I am in the mood for a teen film, though I wouldn't exactly say no to Daniel Craig. Yummmmm.

Ok this post is pointless except to say "blah blah I have a plan".....BUT......I HAVE A PLAN! I AM IN CONTROL! AWESOMENESS!


everything and nothing said...

I vote Q of S. No, wait, I am intrigued/horrified by Twilight. You should see that and report back, so that I can experience it vicariously.

Elizabeth said...

I too am intrigued by Twilight! Oh the awfulness of Teenishness. I will integrate you! And it will be glorious. And then I will submit my freaking hours already so that I don't fail in my pursuit to become an integrating queen of glory. Since I bought my plane ticket to Colorado last night for January, I guess I don't really have a choice do I?! I'm gonna make it happen.

I'm inspired by your control, Crosby. Inspired. We should discuss on Thursday. I need a Christmas plan!


Al said...

We decided on Twilight. It was really a tossup because we both REALLY want to see Q of S, and no one else we know seems to want to. Ok, no one we know wants to see Twilight, but I am in the mood for teen movie ridiculousness. If it's better than Tropic of Thunder, Indiana Jones, and the X-Files movie, I'll be ok, LOL. I kind of just want to re-see Australia, but you know, that'd be very laaame of me. I'm going to see it again, just not a week after I saw it the first time. LOL.

Al said...

oh EE, I can help you with a Christmas plan. And both of you, we need to get together before you go home for Christmas!

everything and nothing said...

Totally: I finish classes this Saturday. Then I will be free!
Also, I saw both X-Files movies in the theater. Luckily I don't think I paid for my own ticket either time. Although I enjoyed/ was profoundly disturbed by the creepy Soviet science tie-in.

Al said...

Luckily with matinee night you can't really lose because tickets are only $5...though Tropic Thunder really was a waste of my $5. I actually really liked the 1st X-Files movie because it tied into the show, which I didn't watch religiously, but once in a while with Amy, who did watch it religiously and could catch me up. The second was random. BUT I did enjoy it - it just wasn't as good as the first. So Twilight - not a "good" movie - lots of teen angsty-ness, long stares, sighs, sometimes weird special effects BUT did I love it for all of its ridiculousness? oh hell yeah. Sometimes you just need a teen movie, plus vampires are creepy but awesome. Oooooh they just need to fix Edward's hair in the next one. His hair was probably the worst part of the movie, LOL.