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(stolen from "SERENITY NOW!" Amy does a great impression)

So my sister had a little 07 wrapup post on her LJ and I loved it and wanted to steal it (stel it, LOL) so HERE IT IS. No Kenya drama I promise!

Best Day of 2007: There were so many amazing days in '07 and I am torn between a couple. I'll narrow it down to three. 1. Standing on the deck of a boat during the CARE Conference with my family enjoying the culmination of all of my father's hard work as we sailed through Boston Harbor at sunset. 2. Watching the sunset with Jamaal at Costa Verde even though we'd had a fight earlier that day!! 3. Again in Boston Harbor on a boat with my extended family taking pictures of my grandparents on their 55th wedding anniversary.

Worst Day of 2007: Tie between the day Aunt Elinore died and the day after her funeral. Why the day after her funeral? My whole family including my grandparents and my dad's best friend, his wife, daughter and many other people got norovirus, which was, unbeknownst to us, the catalyst that caused her death. It probably seems selfish to say that the norovirus was worse than her funeral, but in a way her funeral was rather badass and given that the woman was 95 I felt it was a celebration of her life. A family of four all puking and sh*tting with only two bathrooms? That celebrates nothing except the blessing of indoor plumbing. Not fun.

Best Song of 2007 that wasn’t officially released in 2007: Umm. Well Amy has "Fergalicious" which must count. I don't really get the whole released vs played dealie, so I'll go with Fergalicious because it was played FREQUENTLY especially in the Camry. Sad but true.

Best Song of 2007 that actually was released in 2007: Something off either of the two albums I purchased this year Rilo Kiley's "Under the Blacklight" or A Fine Frenzy's "One Cell in the Sea." I never purchase whole albums (except for Grey's Anatomy compilations, dorky I know) but these two were a must. I love "Rangers" from AFF (yeah yeah it was on VH1 blah blah didn't see it there) and "You Picked Me" and from Rilo Kiley I love "Close Call" "Silver Lining" "Under the Blacklight" and "Breaking Up." Oh and I dig "Smoke Detector" too heh heh

Purchase of 2007 after which life cannot ever possibly be the same: My digital rebel XTi. I had no idea that it would enable me to do so much, not just take better pics but get published in a book and raise money for charity too. WOOT!

Most Awkward Moment of 2007: Sitting in my boss's office, having her look me in the eye and say "It's one thing to be a slacker, it's quite another to get caught." What do you say to that?

Best Food of 2007: I had so many tasty things at Asian C in Hingham, but I do recall Jam and I having a lovely dinner at Ivy.

Best Drink of 2007: The Margarita. Tequila and I became reacquainted and it was beautiful.

Best Movie of 2007: I think I saw 2007's most superficial movies - not that I'm complaining or anything but I meant to see these deep ones like "Atonement" "Lust, Caution" "The Savages" and "Margot at the Wedding" Instead I saw stuff like "Enchanted" which was great but not exactly deep. I did love "Knocked Up" though, that was awesome, and "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." I think an underrated movie of '07 was most certainly "Breach." Slow in the beginning but suspenseful.

Most Anticipated Moment of 2007: I won't even lie: When the Red Sox won the Series. Again. OH GLORIOUSNESS.

My coworker's most memorable quote of 2007:
Anorexia, in an email: What, no way, really? when was this? and what could they possibly have to say about you? you're the nicest one in here!

This doesn't seem earthshattering BUT IT IS. This girl hated my guts 6 months ago. Guess someone told her I was the only one that went to bat for her when my boss threatened to fire her.

My friends' most memorable quotes of 2007: eeek I should write these down. One that sticks out is from a conversation I had in Arenal with Jam and Christina. We were the only folks not white water rafting and decided to go early to the booking office to choose our next adventure.

Christina: So you're saying we'd rappel down the waterfall. Wow!
Adventure guide: well not really. You more like, get pulled up there by a rope. We pull you up. To make it scary we swing you into the water. It's not really scary though. It's kinda fun. I dunno. So you want to do it?
Christina: Let us think a minute.
We get together at the other end of the room.
Christina: So what do you guys think about the rappelling trip?
Allison: (silence, so as not to offend anyone)
Jamaal: It sounds like a piece of sh*t tour.
Christina and Jamaal: *cackling*
Allison: *shocked but relieved laughter*

You kind of had to be there I guess LOL.

My sister's most memorable quotes of 2007:

I wish I had written so many down.

My favorite quote was in response to a Buffalo Bill's fan sign that referenced "spygate" and Bill Belichik It said "Beli-cheat"


Moving some raked leaves to the back/side yard.

Amy: The house looks good from back here
I raise my eyebrows
Amy: what? I haven't been to this part of the yard since I was like, 8.

Shoveling snow

Amy: I'm really branching out this year. I raked leaves, I shoveled snow...

and with regards to a coworker freaking out about taking expired Aleve:
It's two years. It says 05/05 and she already took it and she's freaking out because she says she's growing a brain tumor. How many cancer patients have you seen that have grown brain tumors because of taking expired Aleve?

My parents' most memorable quote of 2007:
After Amy threw up in my car:
Dad: How did you get the smell out
Me: Well I washed the carpet and left all the windows open. I hoped maybe that if there was residue an animal would climb in there
Dad: *through cackling laughter* yeah, in case a raccoon wanted some chum?!

Best Work Moment of 2007: Inciting panic in my superiors after sending them an email listing out the shortcomings of my study and what they need to do about it. Awesome.

Most Traumatic Television Moment of 2007: Call me lame but the whole episode of "Didn't We Almost Have it All" (Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Finale) was TRAUMATIC. I was kind of stuck between the Meredith drowning story arc (JESUS Shonda Rhimes wtf are you trying to do to us) and the finale, but I felt the finale was more devastating for a greater number of characters, so there it is.

Most Surprising Food Craving of 2007: Sushi. I became obsessed. For the end of 2007, it was ice cream. Weird.

Best Allison Really Needs Her Own Reality TV Show Moment of 2007:
"The Time Allison Cleaned her Sister's Vomit from the Inside of her Car"

Best Line from a piece of email in 2007:

So I think we need liquor for tonight

Ha ha truer words were never spoken...

Well Happy New Year to you all, I hope you've enjoyed this break from intense and angsty posts!

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Amy said...

"Buffa-LAME" still makes me giggle. As does everything else in this post. And I recognized my email of "So I think we need liquor for tonight." Heh.