Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Impossibility of Fitness

Ah another year, another resolution, another thing to break - right?

Well this year I decided not to make any resolutions at all, except to be nicer to people. Ha, I broke that one on January 2nd the moment I stepped on the T and was sandwiched between a baby stroller and a 400-lb man. Awesome.

I did make a few sort of silent unspoken unwritten resolutions too though, I'll admit it, and one of them is, along with my continued vow to save the entire planet, is to eat better and get in shape because on June 21 I will be sliding myself into a tube of shiny unforgiving eggplant-colored fabric and walking down the aisle with Jamaal. As a bridesmaid (ha ha did I have you wondering?!). And you know, I want to look good for my friend's wedding and I do honestly want to try to eat better and get used to exercising because I'm not getting any younger and while I feel in control of my weight with every passing year it has crept up a tad bit more and now I'm at the point where another 5 lbs or so will send me over the divider on the BMI charts from "Normal" to "Overweight." I do want to be healthy first and foremost and that's my motivation for getting into shape. That and the mockery of the eggplant dress.

I started tracking everything at - a site I love, even though I'm probably one of the only people under 50 who religiously reads their site and magazine. I didn't get this right away, but when I received a whole issue about menopause I was like "oh. wow. I guess I'm not exactly in Prevention's demographic." I don't care though because the mag has great tips and the website is even better. On it there is a health tracker that's powered by, another site I used to love. I've been tracking my food intake for a while now and while I am pleased by my generally healthy eating habits, I've started to notice a puzzling trend. I am totally off balance.

Yesterday I had like 2700 calories. Today I've had 700, and I realize I've yet to consume dinner, but I don't exactly see me eating a 2000 calorie dinner. My target is to eat around 1600 calories a day and some days that's no problem, but on others I'll make the worst decisions and totally binge (can you say POPCORN!!!! Amy and I have been to the movies twice this week). I mean I realize I have waaaaaay more important things to worry about, but seriously I'm wondering what is leading to such inconsistency? I suppose in the end that is the beauty of the health trackers on They can pinpoint my weaknesses. Sweet. For now, I'm gonna have some Special K. The cereal, not the drug, I'm not on that kind of diet, LOL.

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