Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just noticed that "birds" appears in the title of my last rambling blog post.

I have no frickin' clue what it means. Isn't that weird?

I'm in a book club where I am the youngest member by 25 years. It has been a great lesson, not only in history (ha ha ha) but also in patience and fairness and listening. Anyways, the older members are always talking about how their memory is failing. "I can't remember where I put my glasses!" they say, or "I can't remember the last book we read!" Nevermind the fact that they are all busy people - many are still working, and those who aren't are heavily involved in volunteer work at their churches or other organizations, like the woman involved with the suicide support group because her husband and son killed themselves, or the lady who visits prisoners every week because her husband died in prison. There's a lady who spends a couple hours every week fighting her metastatic breast cancer (she is doing well, for now at least). One woman takes care of her husband 'round the clock - he is confined to a wheelchair. The rest of us work - lawyer, accountant, librarian, teacher, teacher, college administrator, and me, a researcher. We're busy - and that's why we can't remember stuff, not because we're (ok they're) old! Goodness.

When your read the above paragraph, I probably make book club sound terribly boring or depressing, but it's not, it's actually a night I look forward to every month. It's where we shed work (unless you have a funny work-related story), ignore illness and sadness, eat fattening snacks, drink tea from a teacup WITH a saucer, talk about the book for an hour or so and then chat about LIFE. It's great. Last meeting we covered the movie "It's Complicated" (great film, very entertaining), the virtues of spice cookies and lemon cookies, pet cats/kittens/old cats, how it's hard for international students to get a ssid, airport security, and the current job market for new MBA-grads. Leave no stone unturned. I always return home, happily tired, but grateful that I got to use my brain for something not work-related for a few hours.

Was this post supposed to be about memory? or bird? I forget. Ha ha.

In truth, the fact that I forgot what "birds" means in that title is really irritating. Ugh. So I leave you with a picture I took - a bird picture:

Mama Cardinal

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