Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti, Birds, Money Woes, Wedding - Week 16/54

I started to write this post last week, but nothing really came was supposed to be a wedding planning post...which only sounded trite in light of the fact that hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti were dead/dying/trapped/hungry/thirsty/hurt. Then I was going to blog about Haiti, but what was there to even say? That I was horrified by the death and destruction? That I hated sitting in my warm and sheltered living room while watching the news and feeling absolutely, positively helpless? That everyone should donate to the relief? Ugh, no, like that's even news. It's not. It's not news, it's nothing new, therefore, I had nothing to say.

I still have nothing to say really. Haiti is still sad, the saddest thing I've seen in a long long time. I am still stressed about planning our wedding...still hating everything, except the occasional glimpse of the future I'm able to envision when something, some project or other, is actually going really really well. I still feel broke as hell (financially, not spiritually!). So really nothing has changed since last week. Ha ha. Oh, except I figured out my wedding flowers. That was one of those intensely positive moments, during which I pranced around Michael's with arm fulls of fake flowers feeling like I was kicking the wedding industry's ASS. My mom and sister helped me figure out how to do my own flowers, and our mockups at Michael's totally rocked. I think once I start finishing projects I will be a little more positive. Oh, and just to clarify, I'm totally excited to marry Jamaal. Absolutely. And I am actually looking forward to our "wedding weekend" very VERY VERY VERY much. It's just that getting there? It's kind of a drag ;) Maybe it's because I am lazy. I dunnoooo. Though Jam gets major major points for nearly finishing his guest/address list. He needs to fill in less addresses than I do, which rocks my world. And my sister talked me into "The Young Victoria" which was totally the highlight of my long weekend. Rockin' film. :) Just in case you thought I'd be all doom and gloom today.

I'm going to sign off now though, before I start another boring-ass ramble.
Donate to Haiti. Vote for Martha. See The Young Victoria. Etc.

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