Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time for a New Post - No Wedding Stuff!

It is 59 degrees today. It's enough to make a girl want to run around outside without sleeves - you know, go really wild.

Unfortunately I feel a late season cold coming on. UGH. I was sick this time last year - how do I remember? I had my yearly physical just about a year ago, and I have one tomorrow, so all in all if I had to pick a time to be sick, it's kind of ideal to feel ill right when you're planning to go the dr's anyway.

I have to admit, as lousy as I may end up feeling tomorrow (and this could sister is bringing me medicine and then we're going out to party for EE's bday to drink, and isn't liquor a cure-all? LOL) I am looking forward to taking a personal day, and it's worth enduring the physical invasion that is ye olde pelvic exam. Just wish I had had the sense of mind to make my appointment in the early morning - it's a 2pm, and I'm just going to be twiddling my thumbs all day waiting for the moment of truth, the "slide your butt down" moment (*shudder*) Oh well. At least I don't have to get any shots! That is a bonus! And I still hate going to the dentist more, and let me tell ya, the dentist is a hell of a lot more expensive too. So there.

Actually I won't be completely wasting my morning. A local TV station reporter is coming to my house to film my account of my "brush with death" on the Turnpike. By "brush with death" I mean "flat tire in an inconveniently dangerous location." I kept telling the woman over the phone not to be disappointed by the lack of dramatic flair in my story, but she was into it. I guess the Turnpike was thinking of cutting the Emergency Service Patrol program earlier this year. It does have a million dollar price tag, but seriously? Gov. Patrick could totally come up with that if he stopped wasting money on useless sh*t like THIS. Anywho, Commerce Insurance picked up the tab for some advertising, so I guess Channel 7 just wants everyone to know how awesome ESP is and how they've helped all these people, me included. I think all in all it's kind of a dumb story (not the ESP is awesome, but my particular part of the story, my lame flat tire story), but did I get my eyebrows waxed for it? Obviously.


Elizabeth said...

You're going to be on TV?! HAWT!! When? Where?! What time?!!! I don't care if your part of the story is "lame," I want to check you out!


P.S. Thank you for such an awesome bday gift!! I LOVE IT!

Al said...

I will let you know where and when ;)