Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I work with another project manager, who is brilliant, talented and tenured, not to mention, published!

She is really really type A but I get along well with her, because in learning the ropes at the new promotion, I need her attention to detail very much.

Now though, I am wondering if my dependence has become a problem.

I sent out an agenda for tomorrow's big conference call and asked for everyone's input and approval.

My old boss said "looks good."
The statistician said "looks good to me, if something comes up not on the agenda, we'll figure it out"
The QA manager said "Nothing to add"

The other PM sent a list. Explaining what I should bullet and sub-bullet (even though the sub-bullets were extensive notes because we're just going to have a straightforward bulleted list in the final agenda....the subs would be WAY to confusing, but were in the draft to ensure I covered in my private notes for the call everything we wanted to talk about).

Her list was in paragraph form and numbered 1-6....I noticed in item #5 she totally pulled the rug out from under me! She took the liberty of consulting the statistician behind my back and getting all the information needed for another doctor's research concept. I didn't even get cc'd.

I know the old project manager was a super disaster and fairly inept and I know there are a lot of "trust issues" and crap still left over. The project manager I'm working with was even accused of not training old project manager properly, so I know she's afraid of getting burned again. Plus layoffs this week have us all on edge.

Here's the thing - I need to be assertive, but I don't want to burn bridges. I have to do it in a super-nice way, because ultimately I do really like this other PM and will most likely continue to work with her closely. But it's not cool that she's just going off and doing this stuff and then making me look kinda dumb by explaining she's covered it and already gone above and beyond (because she replied all in an email). Meh. I dunno what to do. Guess I'll go sleep on it. Figure out what to do in the morning. Maybe I'm just being all crazy.


Elizabeth said...

You're definitely not being crazy, Al. You need to speak up for yourself. I'd just thank her so much for being so thorough, but ask her to consult with you first in the future before going to other people - so you have a chance to learn. Tell her you appreciate all her help, but you don't want to be a burden on her forever! I'd turn it around so that by her helping you, she's actually helping herself.

On another note: I fear for your job blogging! I love you and I don't want you to get dooced!

Al said...

don't worry lady, I'm under the radar here ;)