Wednesday, July 19, 2006

debtor's prison

Because I have been accepted to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies program at Tufts University this fall...(pause)

*takes moment to bow deeply acknowledgeing the feat of getting in*

(resume)......I have been trying desperately, desperatel, DESPERATELY to get out of debt. My debt isn't humongous (well...let's say that not including the student loan I took out for my bachelor's degree, it's under $10,000) but it's mere presence is a great annoyance. When I look at the pitiful amount I put in savings each week ($20!! only $20!!) I feel so inadequate. Someone like me should be throwing money in savings and practically debt free! I still live with my parents!! True, I do pay all my bills, but let's face it people, I don't have to come up with rent every month. I try to imagine my life with that and I can't, not with a car and car insurance and loans, etc etc. The very worst of it is the credit card debt I've accrued. Yes, a huge amount of it is Kenya's fault, that's true, but what was I to do, not go?

Anyways, I have come up with a debt elimination plan which may prove to be worth while. I have a set amount I set aside weekly. While this seemed like the perfect plan at first, it isn't flawless, because midway through the month I dumbly realized that not all of my bills are due at the end of the month when I have all this money saved and set aside. Oh well, it's a minor glitch in the road. Things should get better. I definitely have challenges ahead and I know that, but I also know that one of my credit card balances has been reduced by half since I started this plan two months ago, which makes me happy.

There are disappointments and hardships. There always seem to be an endless string of weddings and babies and birthdays and coming up with gifts has been tricky, but if I can just get to September I know I'll be ok...of course, then school comes and I'll have a whole other fish to fry. But for now, I am trying to stick to the budget. I'm trying to evaluate whether or not I need something before I buy it and have started to plan things ahead so I can budget....yes, Christmas presents have already been thought of. Cause I'm anal like that. I just feel like I have to get myself in order. School has been one part of that quest, and I'm going to make finances, the other, and just keep imagining how good life will be with an extra $325 a month when I'm done paying off my car -_-

Addendum (just like a doctor's note, LOL)
I wrote that post while falling asleep, and it probably be seems morose....while it is true, I am not morose about my financial situation, and yesterday I had a minor victory in the quest to stop excessively spending. I went to JoAnn's fabrics to get fabric for some wee bunnies (may I take a moment to say that for what it is, JoAnn's is quite good, but I loooong LONG for a truly excellent fabric store in my area...then again, it could lead to the feeding of a deadly addiction...) and I managed to spend on ly $6.00 and I went in wanting to spend no more than $20! $14 below budget! I found a lovely pink fuzzy remnant for $1.11, perfect for the bunny fronts, plus I have old pajama fabric for the back, and together they'll make something quite perfect for a baby. I also got some fat quarters for a dollar each. True I didn't buy everything I needed and still need to get a bit of fabric for a project, I think, and some linen for cross stitch, but first I need to thoroughly search my house in case there is something more appropriate there, as my mother keeps a stash she really doesn't use...So in the end, I think I can pull off this whole living in a budget get out of debt deal.....and still manage to do ok :)


Elizabeth said...

That's hotttt, Al. Way to be!


Jam said...

You will overcome