Friday, July 28, 2006

CAFFEINE! You'll sleep when you're DEAD!!

Argfasdf, Good Morning.

I am not even having caffeine this morning because I am afraid of what it will do to me!
It was a late night last night (officially I was awake til 1 am with tossing and turning and I believe a wee hours of the morning pee cause I made myself pound a poland spring late last night. While I am tired now and I feel hungover, I also feel very accomplished. Why you ask? Because in the last 24 hours I have done the following:

-go to work (ok I would've done this anyways, but this is to emphasize that I put in an 8 hour day!)
-go to the paper source for ribbon and wrapping
-go to joann's for polyfill, thread, and fabric
-go to the supermarket
-make 18 cannolis for bookclub
-finish boyfriend's secret bday gift

-finish making a wee bunny for baby shower, as well as put the finishing touches on mittens and bonnet
-went to bookclub
-found out how to make a huge fuss about the disgusting deforestation and development down the street (insert major fist pump here. though it may not make a difference, I know now who to bother. awesome, now I just need to write letters)
-packed for my NY trip
-cleaned my room so it looks "decent"
-showed up to work an hour early
-went to my Friday meeting
-cashed out on an old retirement fund so I can buy a new computer for grad school
-contacted Tufts about financial aid
-conviced my sweet dad to move my hearing for a car accident I was in in February 2005
(which was easy because I got the notice and burst into tears, of COURSE it's during the one weekend in August I am heading to NY for a wedding, and the hearing is in PLYMOUTH. Boston, no prob, I would've done it, and alone, though my dad is insistent that he be there, but no, it's Plymouth on Friday afternoon, pretty much exactly when I am supposed to be on the bus. I said weepily that I would go, cause I would. I mean it's my car, and I got it into the accident. I didn't request the hearing technically, my father insisted that I do that, so I actually think a hearing is completely fruitless, but I am doing it to please him, and because if, by some miracle of God, the decision was reversed, I would get my deductible ($1,000) back, plus about $600 backpay from the insurace company, and about a $400 reduction in yearly insurance costs....basically I was all about showing when I should've but then I realized the day, time, and location and lost it. But dad may take care of moving the date :))

During all this I realized that I really hadn't eaten much since lunch yesterday, and lunch was a fruit salad and a peach (I didn't eat the veg salad) I did have 2 cannolis at bookclub and iced tea, but I was feeling iffy, so I schlepped to Dunkin' Donuts and got a fruit smoothie and low-fat blueberry muffin to perk me up a wee bit. Now I am contemplating doing some more work until I leave in an horu and a half. blah, I am so sleepy now that my tummy is satisfied :P

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