Monday, May 03, 2010

Wedding Vent

OK I just need to do a little wedding guest vent here - b/c the wedding guests who see this will probably laugh, and the ones pissing me off probably read the wedding blog, but not this.


This morning I receive an email "Your wedding website looks great, but you should have directions and a forum for guests so we can find rides."

OK so my sister, because she's SMART, embedded directions in the website subheadings "Ceremony" and "Reception" - clearly this person has NOT read the whole website, or she would have seen the stupid freakin' directions. UGH. Next, it is not possible to have a forum on the website. OK I'll give her that. I checked with Jamaal and we both decided that a facebook page might actually be pretty handy. I made sure the facebook group was "secret" and non-searchable. I explained to guests that it's a good place to chat and talk about details such as carpooling or rides to/from the airport. I even posted a few things in the discussion section. I figured that we could have people share wedding photos there too, when the deed is done, lol.

People started accepting the invites I sent out right away. What fun! I was sooo excited.
Then someone, the husband of one of Jam's friends, someone I actually think is great and funny and cool says "what time does the wedding start."

Wait. Seriously?
I mean, maybe I am totally overreacting, but you use this lame facebook group to ask me what time the wedding starts? Yeah, that's why people MAIL you a PAPER invitation with STUFF printed on it, stuff like, I dunno, the stupid day and time?! ARghghghgh.

I tell him to look on the real wedding website. Because at the very least, if you can't wait for the paper invite, frickin' look on the official site we've established to bring critical information to our guests, not some bullsh*t facebook group with 10 people in it.

Rant over.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my god FRUSTRATING! Why does he even need to know that detail right now?! Is he making plans for that morning? Does he have a meeting to reschedule? Maybe he wants to get in his workout? OR MAYBE he's just being a curious and lazy MAN who just kinda wants to know. So he can say, Hunh. Well would you look at that.

I'm sorry dude! That's suuuuuper annoying. I never really thought about the guests being a part of the work of planning a wedding - but I guess all the individual needs and questions and desires really add up. Got any more wedding guest stories to share?

Al said...

I DON'T KNOW! of course SOMEONE and Ms. A.S. you know who you are, must've read the rant and posted "the wedding is in NY right" after that time comment. LOL. SOOOO BAD. But yeah no idea why the time thing came up - or why if it really was THAT important he didn't just ask Jamaal.