Monday, May 24, 2010

No Title

Oh there are so many things I could blog about this morning...

A weekend of productivity, Jam's first week traveling, missing the last Braintree train and not freaking out about it, the incredible Lost finale, or even frickin' Grey's Anatomy, how my parents went away and for the first time no one died while they were on much...

But last night I barfed up my lovingly homemade chili and cornbread with vomiting my sister described as "champion" and my mother described as "horrifying" - then this morning, while lying in bed trying to figure out if the remnants are going to make an exit, my father announced that during the washer/dryer installation in the basement, the plumber found a crack in the foundation and the town was coming out to shut off our water....for.two.days.

So yeah, not in the mood to blog, especially when I'm worried about being able to shower and flush the toilet. Eh. Back to my excessive Hulu queue.


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