Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuff today, Stuff tomorrow

Today I bought myself some bday gifts.

Normally I'm not all "oooh it's my BIRTHDAY I must buy myself lots of presents" usually it's more like 'oh I have been lusting after this one item for many months, now I shall use the excuse of my birthday and the check from my grandparents to purchase it' (*coughcoughdigitalrebelxticoughcough*). Anywho.

Today I decided to be frivolous. Well maybe not frivilous because I can use everything I bought, but I threw care and budgetary concerns to the wind. Plus I had a coupon, lol.

I bought myself new headphones because I broke mine. I actually already owned these headphones, but they lasted a year before they were busted. I bought them again because they were only $10 and they freakin' rock. If I had to spend $10 a year for them I might, simply because they come with different sized earbuds. I had been rocking your generic "comes with ipod" headphones and I dunno if my ears are oddly sized or shaped, but those b*tches killed. These are GREAT. I guess jlb makes fancier ones that are $40, but they only got mediocre reviews. I may as well get the ones that I love for a quarter of that and try to treat them a bit nicer in hopes they last. I tried them out today by listening to 'i am trying to break your heart' with my eyes closed. Seven minutes straight. It rocked. I felt relaxed and happy and now I won't have to listen to "man with high-pitched girlish laughter who sneezes a lot" and "loud man" on the train anymore. yyyyaaayyy.

Then I went to Sephora (coupon). I got this awesome hair sample there a while ago and I just dug it up recently and used it. It's fantastic. I went to pick up the full size, some more Hope in a Jar, some fresh face wash and some newer nicer-smelling body wash....and of course get my free bday gift, three mini glosses. Not too shabby.

I love unwrapping new stuff like this. It's Hope in a Jar, and it was so perfect and smooth and it really hope in a jar? ha.

Then I went to Target to buy a new pillow. I left my old one at Babson, and it's really the lamest thing ever that I never called them to see if they have it. It's just that with work being what it is and my days being long, the thought of trekking there was so daunting that I let it go. Yeah, it was my favorite pillow. It was also stained an ungodly color and disintegrating. I did a "Oh I'm not going to buy a new one when Jam and I are going to move in together and buy new stuff" blah blah, but it was really gross and it should've been tossed a long time ago. The thing is that it was pure latex, and you can't find that sh*t anymore (not cheaply at least). No I don't want down, I don't want cotton, I don't want bamboo, and I don't want friggin' memory foam. I want plain old bad for the environment, weird smelling pure latex. It was not to be. I bought an extra firm Target pillow for 9.99 with a special gusset for side sleepers. I hope it doesn't disappoint, but I have very low expectations:
**edited to add: The pillow rocked my world. Seriously. I can't even tell you how freakin' comfy it was. I was lying in bed thinking "why did I not do this years agooo......" but then the thought ended because I fell asleep and slept like a rock an hour past my alarm clock. ha ha ha. Might have to chuck my other three pillows and get another one of these!**

I also bought bday candy. Birthday sour patch kids (gone) and birthday chocolate (saving). I have to say after giving up candy for lent, eating it again has been anticlimatic and disappointing. I think I might pretty much quit it altogether. There's no point, no secret thrill. Sigh. Oh well. Maybe I should try healthy food again, for the thrill...

Also, I had Lily out for a long while. He likes it and it makes him happy. How do I know? He will compose 20 minutes worth of whistling songs to tell me so. Then he settles into his "comfy mode" (last pic) and grinds his beak (sign of contentment in birds).

In other news, I've been addicted to this blog lately. I dare you to read it and not cry. It's so f*cking sad I can't even begin to tell you. But it's amazing. I'm not being very eloquent here, but basically it's f*cking sad, but it would be as amazing as it is if it weren't and it sucks that the blog ever had to be invented in the first place, but what this guy has shared with all of us is so beautiful and heartbreaking that I think the world is a better place for it. Read it without crying I DARE YOU. If my coworkers are reading this, yeah, that's what I was doing with all the tissues this morning - it wasn't allergies, it was me dabbing at my eyes.

So Matt's blog got me thinking about how damn fragile life is....I worry about so much ridiculous dumb sh*t it's not even funny and I take so much for granted. Like on Monday as I trudged into work I was thinking "ugh I'd rather be anywhere but here." Then I caught myself. I work at a damn cancer hospital, how do I think the patients and families feel about being here?! I was like "b8tch. get to work. stop complaining." It's good that I can self-administer reality check/dope slaps when needed. Seriously though, I've been thinking a lot about the future and how Jam and I will just need to treasure every moment together because you never know what sort of f*cked up thing might happen.
Therefore I have been compiling a list for my kids. It is short 'cause I don't have any yet, but here goes:

I. Things I will never make my kids do that I had to do as a kid
1. Eat pork chops, pork loin, pork anything. iiiiiiiiick

II. Things I will let my kids do that I wasn't allowed to
1. Decorate the whole driveway with sidewalk chalk (my dad was type a about the driveway,

III. Things I got to do as a kid that I want my kids to be able to do
1. Travel with family all over the country (it rocked, happiest memories ever)
2. Go to summer camp and run wild
3. Go out in the backyard and run wild
4. Go to college, study abroad, etc
5. Be an innocent kid for as long as possible
(I like that this list is the longest)

IV. Things that my parents didn't make me do that I WILL make my kids do
1. recycle
2. practice an instrument/language if they choose to take it up. my biggest regret is that my
parents weren't hardasses about this, at least til I was old enough to make up my own mind!

I know when it comes down to it I'm just going to want to give them a loving home where they are safe and happy. But I might print out this list as a reminder. Especially part IV. I'll tap it and say "stop, turn, walk back to the piano and practice my little darling." ha ha ha. Ok maybe not. We'll see.......

Ok that's it for today...tonight....gotta go call Jamaal, tell him how much I loooove him because I don't do it enough.


Elizabeth Eyerer said...

I so wish my mother had made me practice piano, Al!!!!!!!! Oh my god so much. She's all, "it was your thing, I wasn't going to push you at it" now, but that is not what a fourth grader needs! They need hard ass slave drivers and exquisite rewards. They need to get on that shit. Because you never know when later in life they'll decide to be an opera singer and go, damn it'd be really sweet if I could play the piano. BUT I CAN'T. And not to name names, but MOM I blame YOU.

I like your list a lot lady! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I hope it's a great super awesome wonderful fantabulous day.


Al said...

Yup. Piano is my HUUUUUUGEST regret, lol. And my Mom was the same!! She was like "oh you were so young, blah blah blah not be pushy"
Thanks for the bday wishes ;)