Monday, November 10, 2008

Miriam Makeba

I just learned that the South African singer Miriam Makeba died.

While I did not know much about her life aside from the fact that she was banned from South Africa for decades, her songs Malaika and Holili are favorites on the iPod. I think I specifically remember serenading Jamaal with Malaika not too long ago....

I'm sad that this great lady is gone, but I'm happy that she died on stage. That is pretty freakin' badass if I do say so myself.


everything and nothing said...


everything and nothing said...

Very sad... My favorite is Qongqothwane (The Click Song).

Also, sorry about the blank post

Al said...

It's ok Rach :) I have to check out the click song - apparently it is one of her most famous!

Elizabeth said...

How did she die onstage? I heard about this on NPR as I rode in the Super Shuttle from Denver to Boulder. One of the many reasons I love Colorado city people: the driver of Super Shuttle was nice, quiet, soft-spoken, and lovely, plus he listened to NPR and railed gently against The Man.

Love you!

Al said...

"Died on stage" is probably a liberal use of the term. She collapsed on stage in Italy and later died at a local hospital - apparently she had a heart attack on get the idea though ;)