Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So bored at work.....

....I started reading Tremble archives.....and found the one that describes me these past few weeks (sans movie deal, ha):


Here's a new entry for your 2003 edition. Today, I was so existentially bored, that I drank a ton of water and made myself urinate just so I could make the trip to the bathroom and feel like I did something today. And then, to make it worse if only by legitimizing it, I wrote about it in my secret public diary. And that's not all: Paramount Studios just optioned the story for $5 million.

WE FIRST MET ON 09.18.2002"

I think I might have to read his whole blog now. See how else this guy got in my head....or at the very least, look for other posts that discuss how to combat work boredom. So far the peeing thing is useful, but then I just want to stay on the can and take a nap....I've watched all of abc's online episodes, even "Wipeout" (sad, just sad)....music, ha ha ha we're so past music, and eating just makes me sleepier. There's got to be another way. I could post my letter R post, but I'm waiting on pics. I guess I'll just keep drinking water for now...mmmeeeehhhhhh


everything and nothing said...

Um... this morning I played Free Rice and achieved a personal best in my ongoing quest to reach the top level. Is that a helpful suggestion?

Al said...

yes. I have to get back on Free Rice because Free Rice= combating boredom while helping people. nice.