Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The P's

Proofreading - last week I was reading the Metro's review of "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl." the reviewer ripped the movie apart. I haven't seen the movie myself, but I thought "Oh come on, it's a kid's movie, GET OVER IT, we're going for light family fun and entertainment, swear, sex, and violence free, cut the movie a break" (of course Amy and I saw Wall-E which I found to be fantastic, so I guess there are really great family movies out there). I decided the read the reviewer's synopsis before passing judgment and thought that a lot of the points were valid - but then critic wrote this "Kit's mother is forced to take on 'borders' in her house for money." Heh? I imagined Julia Ormond's character scurrying around the US/Canada border trying to pick up imaginary lines. I read fast, so I often gloss over typos (or even commit them right here on this blog) but this one took me a minute to even figure out that they meant "boarders," as in people. Dude, PROOFREAD your sh*t. Especially if it's a 150 word movie review. Meh.

Presents - I finished one of the gifts on the "to make" list!! I made my friend Alex a triathlon bag for her bday. It's a huge tote with individual baggies for her sneakers and bathing suit. The mini-bags are lined with ripstop nylon and will hopefully be at least somewhat waterproof. The beauty of it all is that all the bags can go in the washing machine! Woo! It was great to have a reason to whip out the sewing machine again, even though the first run was a little wonky, and one of the tote handles came out weird with bunch thread :P Luckily Alex is not the judgmental type (well none of my friends are, especially when it comes to crafts) and is not the kind of person who is like "oh thanks for the bag, what happened to that handle, btw?! it's messed up!!" For the birthday celebration we went to Jacques Cabaret and good lord, it was a fun time and a half. I have not cackled like that in many, many moons. Serious cackling. I did not bring my camera, but wish I had because there were some priceless moments, including one part where Destiny got the birthday girl on her knees and she looked up and had this "oh sh*t" moment with fear and unknowing in her eyes.....It was hilarious. Amy had a special love for Katia:But I think my preference was for Kris Knieval, because I love me some big ta-tas.I loved Mizery, but found her terrifying!!

Anywho, this place has been shortlisted for my bachelorette. I think that probably makes Jamaal feel very secure, LOL. I used to think I wanted a very tame bachelorette, but after going to Jacques, my mind has changed a bit, LOL.

Propositioned - now every once in a while some crazy will approach me on the train. Usually it's not the propositioning type of approachment. For example, last week it was a guy who gave me his life story, told me that 6 months ago he slipped and fell outside Brookline City Hall and could I please look at his wrists and assess whether or not the orthopedist who set it back in place did a good job. Um hi, soooo not a doctor. Yesterday a lecherous looking old man sidled up to me at Park Street. "Eeeeeehhhhhhhh" he said. Stupidly, I removed one of my ear buds and said "Pardon?" because the good part of me said "help this old man, maybe he is lost" Ohhhooho no. He said "EHHHHH! SENORA!!! You loook gooooooood" He then said a bunch of unintelligible things. Maybe he was unintelligible, or maybe I was just still reeling over the fact that he called me 'senora'!!! All I could think was "I am no longer a senorita?!" Le sigh.

Pool - we are lucky enough to have a swimming pool right in our backyard. Ooooh so fortunate. Ame and I didn't have one at the old house, so we remember well the days of no AC, no pool, and having to run through a sprinkler (except when my evil 'friend' would invite me to her above-ground pool after expressly saying 'do not invite your sister' needless to say, we weren't friends for very long....). The pool is still regarded as the luxury it is - on a day like yesterday where the dew point and the temperature match, it is glorious. I jumped in with my clothes on, as I had been gardening for a bit and had worked up a sweat. Then I had a beer poolside, while the sunset and our local colony of various birds (house wren, goldfinch, catbird, song sparrow, towhee, chipping sparrow, chickadee, titmouse, cardinal, hummingbird, etc) foraged before the day's end. I love that time of night in the summer because everything is so incredibly peaceful and quiet. Ahhhh. If only I could go home now.....

Well. Back to my dull job. *snooooze*


Alex - the slightly traumatized bday girl said...

ahhh THANKS AGAIN!!! soooo much for my bag. I LOOOOOVEEED it. Seriously, it is so awesome and I can't wait to use it.
Also, thank you girls soooo much for coming out on Saturday. It meant a lot and Im glad you had fun! I felt bad I couldn't spend more time with the people in the back, but I knew that if I got up to go back there, I would be brought right back up on stage again. heh.
also, I have to agree with both you and amy. I had a thing for Ms. Katia as well but Kris Keneival seemed really sweet and HELL-O major cleave. hahaha.
I totally wanna go back!

also, I bet I know which evil "friend" you are referring to!

I know we are both super busy this summer, but once fall rolls around let's all meet up again!

alex said...

oh p.s.
I forget if I said this to you guys there, but didn't Mizery totally look like the plus sized girl from America's Next Top Model a few cycles ago? Who then later went on to star in Celebrity Fit Club...twice

hahaha or maybe that's just me.

Al said...

heh heh yep you def know the evil friend LOL. I mean it's not that hard to guess :P Yeah! Mizery did look like that girl! I can't remember her name but Amy will know!

everything and nothing said...

Yesterday I met a man who claimed he dated Diane Sawyer back in the day. Also, I think he was once aggressively propositioned by a woman who was a friend of someone Eisenhower was dating, or something. He told me he loves tall women and if he were ten years younger... Apparently he had just left the baseball game to put money in his meter.

Al said...

that's hot, Rach. LOL.

alex (again) said...

I just wanted to add, I think this picture might be the epitome of ridiculousness that night had to offer:

Al said...

that pic is awesome, LOL