Monday, August 20, 2007

Fitness Week

So. I've been spending a lot of money on food. No, not at the grocery store, fast food at McDonald's, Subway, the cafeteria at work, etc. Not only was it rough on the wallet, but it made me feel fat. Ok to everyone who is winding up their arms ready to pitch stones at me for saying I felt fat, hold off, because I didn't say I "was" I said I "felt." I'm not about to starve myself or become anorexic, so put your rocks down :P

That being said, I did feel kinda gross. Bloated. Squidgy. Just generally not well. I decided that I'd begin eating a healthy diet. Dinners are pretty damn healthy at my house, so I decided to focus on breakfast and lunch, both of which I eat at work. I made up a menu, heavy on ingredients I can buy at the local farmers markets that take place nearly every day of the week around Boston. I had a well rounded breakfast planned and a very delicious lunch with organic salad and tomatoes. I bought fresh peaches and early apples at the market. Last night I eagerly looked forward to day 1 of "Allison's Fitness Plan"

It was broken by 11am.

I didn't think the iced herbal tea I got this morning was that much of a breach. First of all, it's herbal tea, no caffeine, and I got it with only a little sugar. Ok, cool. But then I got to work and looked in the mirror. I looked hideous. I slept late this morning, barely had enough time to throw on my clothes and get in the car, and I hadn't looked in the mirror. My eyes were bloodshot and eyelids puffy, face pale, complexion uneven. I had not a drop of makeup on except lipgloss, which looked garish against the paleness of my face. My hair, let's not even GO there. Ew. Then I walked in to find my coworker had returned from vacation and was telling the story of moving her daughter into college over and over to any family member that called on her cell phone. I downloaded and eBook and tried to drown it out. Then my Kenyan friend, the one who finally got a job, emailed me to tell me that he doesn't get paid this month at all and his sister needs her $170 worth of school fees by Thursday. Ugh. For craps and giggles I looked at the Tufts bookstore website and discovered I need to purchase $295 worth of books this year. And to add insult to injury a friend completely vetoed a getaway weekend I was hoping to plan for November and said that she'd do it "some other time" cause she totally wants to "hang out before 2008." And with that I sent my fitness plan to f*ckitville and bought myself the largest chocolate chip cookie I could find and pounded a coke zero. Since these complaints in the grand scheme of life are incredibly minor, I figured this would help me out.


It didn't. Even though Pilates is on the schedule for today I'm cranky and tired and look ugly as hell and just want to go home and pull the covers over my head and stay there til tomorrow morning. Can't do it though. I'm on the fitness challenge. BOOOOOOOO

**edited to add

AND could somebody PLEASE tell me how you get coworkers to stop touching your sh*t on the printer. If one more person picks up my stuff in their pile and takes it to their desk or sorts through everything on the printer and come up behind me, tapping me on the shoulder to get me to turn around so they can hand me a messy and out of order pile of things I've printed, I may SNAP. Ugh.

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