Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So yesterday I remember that I can download eBooks from my local library for FREE! Since I was sick of all my music, I went to my library network's website and searched for a book to listen to at work. I chose something mindless, something that I could miss portions of if I needed to zone out and focus on my work and still pick up later. So far the book isn't half bad. It's a story about a woman who moves back to her hometown when she realizes her widowed mother is developing dementia. Meanwhile all this chick can think about is her high school sweetheart who disappeared when she came back from a year at a French boarding school. Cliche, sure, but it wasn't too bad. Until the narrator read this line:

"Had she been a kitten, she would have purred under the sheer pleasure of his touch"


hahahahah at least it's making me laugh!


amy said...

What book is this??

Al said...

Susannah's Garden by Debbie Macomber. I think author's should be required to listen to someone reading their book to them before they publish it. Because on paper, that may have been to her the BEST sentence EVER, but out loud, that sh*t is pretty bad, LOL. Wedding in December was a much better book on tape!!

Anonymous said...

"Had she been a frog, she would have croaked under the opaque rapture of his stroke."
Seriously, it's too mediocre to nominate for the bad sex scene award.


Al said...

oh get this - it wasn't even a sex scene, that's the stupidness of it all. It happened in the lobby of an office building and the guy was just reaching out to touch her cause he had all these internal demons keeping him from kissing/f*cking her. LLLLAAAMMMEEE