Monday, April 09, 2007

The Way I See It #231
One can only be humbled by the
richness of the animal and plant life
on this place we call Earth - the
diversity of life in the oceans - so
evident here on the Great Barrier
Reef. Hundreds of soft and hard
corals, fish species and marine
animals. I want to do my part to
secure this wonderful world for
future generations.

--Meg Clute
Volunteer on Earthwatch's Hawksbill
Turtles of the Great Barrier Reef project.

This pretty much sums up my reasoning for staying in grad school - it's an end to a means and that means is preserving the great Earth for the future....for the tan babies....


Excalibur said...

What a noble journey, saving the world for the future! We've certainly made a mess of things. It's good that we'll have people like yourself that will try to make environmental changes ages before the Koto resolution's impact is felt worldwide.

I applaud such efforts, those who make such selfless acts! Just don't chain yourself to anything, LOL.

Al said...

hmmm...what if I chain myself to YOU??!!!