Tuesday, December 05, 2006

taken tonight

I took these tonight - can't you just see the destruction plans twinkling in Lily's beady little eye? I noticed last night that instead of hissing at my wee rescued-from-Ann-Taylor-Loft's-Christmas-Eve-window-display tree, he stretched out for it. Of course he was trying to see if the needles were lettuce and if the electrical cord part of the twinkle lights was chewable, but I ignored that and thought "ahh he's in the spirit and wants to be a part of my holiday decorating. how sweet." I think he also enjoyed the bright colors of my new ornaments - all from the cake + pie and freshly cut sponsored ornament swap - I've received 6 out of 9 so far, all unique, all wonderful and displayed prominently in the front of rescued tree.
Lily also enjoyed his stocking, which he really hasn't had a chance to check out thus far - I thought he'd be afraid of it, but he cozied up to it...maybe he thought it was a girl cockatiel, heh.
In closing, I would just like to say F*CK wasting time talking to baby Jesus about genetics - we've got MUCH bigger fish to fry. Prayers please.


Excalibur said...

This is just amazing! I'm jealous of Lily!

Al said...

well - he DOES get to live in my room and see me naked every day, so some jealousy is expected ;)

elizabeth said...

Baby Jesus came through on this one! I'm so glad they were saved!