Thursday, December 14, 2006

12 Days of Christmas

I love how I've posted twice in December and it's already mid-month, whereas NaBloPoMo resulted in a daily post. Ahh the differences between November and December!

Anyways, I'm in the midst of finals and Christmas crafting, a deadly combination. While I am waiting for my ecological modeling exam partners to email me so we can work on our takehome exam, I shall post. Actually, I'd love to do a real 12 days of Christmas post with my crafts. That'd be fun. So here goes, song and all.
One the first day of Christmas I made a gift that's not for meeeeeeee:

An unidentified project made with gray soft merino yarn to put under a secret person's tree:

On the second day of Christmas I made a gift that's not for meeeeeee (it's important to really warble to "meeee" part)

Two pairs of red felt jingle booties

And a project for under a person's treeeeeee!

I am going to try and keep up with this, but I may not be able to go in order :P Also excuse the marginal quality of the camera phone. Maybe if someone gets me a digital camera for Christmas, my blog photo quality will improve, but actually the camera phone is suiting me just fine for the time being :)


elizabeth said...

Those booties are soooooo cute! I hope Atlantic City was fun...I'm currently trying to make myself study for opera history tomorrow, and then I'm done and can craft and gift and look forward to going to your house to party on Thursday!!!!!

Love you,

P.S. I hope your partners finally emailed you...and all is well. :)

elizabeth said...

Also - I vote, in January, for an in between November/December posting-quotient. Because I made my mom read your breast cancer post over Thanksgiving and she was beside herself with the hilarity. Seriously, I love this shiat. :)