Friday, June 09, 2006

sometimes I think coffee makes me a better person

And it's not just the inspirational Starbucks cups

The Way I See It #114

I try to go through my days without
judging. I can't preten to know
what is going on in anyone else's
life buy my own. I am
compassionate and meet people on
a human level. We all just crave to
be loved as who we are. Talk to the
next unfamiliar face you see or
brighten someone's day with a
smile. Live with peace in your
heart and bright light in you soul.

--LeAnn Rimes
Musician. Her songs can be heard
on Starbucks Hear Music station,
XM Satellite Radio Channel 75.

Aww, LeAnn, so idealistic and optimistic. You know she probably has incredible road rage and berates her maid and gardener on a daily basis. No, she actually is a nice person I am sure. Ha ha so evil, I am.

Anyways. SO blogger has been crapped out for like, 5 days. I went to post about 1 billion times only to be rejected. At first I blamed it on FireFox, with which I have a really steamy and volatile love hate relationship. SO I switched to Internet Explorer, which I still use for "important" business, simply cause a lot of bank and credit card websites aren't ready to jive with FireFox, but alas, I was denied with IE as well, so I chalked it up to being a blogger problem and let it go. Of course, these issues have led me to be a blog slacker and so much has been going on in life. Ah well, not important anyways.

So this weekend is the second weekend in a row I am home, after the madness of graduations and parties and mini vacations. I am looking forward to this weekend very much, and am hoping to get a lot of things done that I missed out on last weekend (mainly sewing, because last Saturday night I fell over my mother's sewing machine and she thought I broke it, so I didnt' dare ask her to borrow it, plus my leg was really busted and I wasn't up to much except sitting and stitching - now the machine is mended and the leg is trying, though when I was running to work this morning I could feel the knot in my shin throbbing still) Plus I need to tackle my magazine article filing. Jam called while I was doing it the other night and he was like "oh is this your wedding binder?" (I swear any other man who heard I had a wedding binder would run for the hills, but Jam seems to accept it as a personality trait "anal retentive magazine page ripper and filer") Actually, the wedding binder hasn't been updated in at least 3 years, which is ironic, because now that I'm actually with someone I want to marry, I haven't updated the binder. Maybe because I don't want to jinx anything. I dunno. I might update it soon. But I am being cheap about buying wedding magazines, whereas I used to grab the InStyle wedding editions as soon as they came out. Why I wonder? Anyways, I've been filing recipes, gardening ideas, fitness regimens, party ideas, crafts, travel tips and ideas and though tedious it's been fabulous going through that stuff and remembering it. I think the next step will be to transcribe the recipes I've collected to a better system. Ultimately I think this would be a database, but screw that til I get a computer upgrade because right now, my computer at home is in the midst of a complete meltdown. The binder at least will keep the little scraps of paper I have ripped out of magazines and newspapers contained for the moment.

Scrapbooking must be a priority. I am so behind in scrapbooking and I so want to be doing more of it. I have a secret scrapbook I am working on, and need to find a scanner so I can scan pics into it (my computer would not install my sister's scanner for all the tea in China, that little bastard) and work on that. I need to have that done by next weekend. Also, my pictures have arrived from Snapfish and I am about ready to work on regular and super special artistic Kenya scrapbook. And my regular scrapbook is behind too. Almost a year. Ah, work to do.

Cross stitching projects are fairly up to date. I am nearly finished with the baby picture I am making for one of the twin girls. I am then going to whip two small projects I want to have done, then the wedding picture for Danielle and Ron who are getting married in August. Then I need to do some work on my sister's gifts and my mom's as well as the Noah's Ark piece I want to do for Thomas and Kim. I still haven't heard from the store on Beacon Hill, the store that was going to try and sell my pieces. Of course just this week I read on a blog that I went about it pretty much the worst way, by bringing my pieces to the store. Ugh, it was slightly awkward and this article was like "It's bad for everyone cause the owners feel pressured, the artisan feels pressured." Oh well. If they don't sell I guess I can have the pictures back, LOL. I am not going to worry about that, that's for sure. I have so much stuff to do as it is!

Then there are the billions of errands. Buying work pants, buying bird food, buying running shorts, etc etc. Getting gas, volunteering, dropping off dry-cleaning. Yes, literally millions of tasks. But I feel up for it. I feel ready to take it all on. Because let's face it, my life needs some structure, the structure it really isn't getting right now. It needs budgets and lists and projects completed. That's a whole other story. For now, I am going forth to conquer! grrrr.

Before I go, I am going to post this gorgeous picture of Crane's Beach in Ipswich, which I have been meaning to visit for at least 2 years. I am going to imagine it this weekend when I get stressed.....this beach and all the others here

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