Thursday, December 01, 2005

Written by my sister, posted here cause she's a badass

Morning Chain. Crappy, crappy, crappy morning for Amy, but it still has time to improve. There was a little improvement in Finance -_- The Taurus is, unfortunately out of commission right now. I ran out to the store last night and on the way my brakes went kaputz. So I figured out that I needed brake fluid, took my roommates car and THREE GAS STATIONS LATER I finally got some. At the first one, these two old ladies working there were like, "Honey, if we don't have it out, it's not here." Ok. Second one, the car products were next to the tampons, which I thought was pretty sweet. And all the labels under the products were for baked beans. And the door didn't shut all the way. And when I asked the guy about brake fluid, he goes, "Ooooh yeah. Someone asked about that a couple of days ago." I look at him and go, "Oh wow. Ok." Finally I found fluid at the third gas station. I come back and I'm all car-woman and I have the gigantic blue Mag-Light and I'm adding oil and I'm adding brake fluid and I'm talking to the Taurus and I'm like, "I'm putting fluids in you, bitch - you're going to work." I get in the car and start her up and pump the brakes a few times and then take it around the block. Nothing. No change. It's a little better but, I'm still braking all the way to the floor before I stop. I pull around back to park in front of my house and, HARK, a huge-ass puddle is on the street where my car was. I approach the puddle and stand over it in a dominating way. It's like out of a Western. I'm Clint Eastwood. I start calling it names and then I crouch down and sniff it. Actually, I stuck my finger in it and sniffed my finger because there was a distinct odor coming off the puddle. Yup, brake fluid. Ok, ok. Maybe I spilled or something. I go up to the car....approaching it much like I did the puddle. It's GURGLING. I bend over..... Yup, brake fluid. :(

So now, I'm waiting for Eddie's Towing by way of AAA to come tow me to good ol' Purvis Ford up the street where Tony, the nicest Ford Service man EVER who goes, "A 1997 Ford Taurus? Green? Yeah, there was about an 80% chance of that" and then when I told him I needed ot talk to my dad before I did anything, he was like "Oh honey, I deal with you young ladies all the time. You just do what you need to." I love you, Tony. You don't know it, but I do. Tony will help me out.

Pffft. Ok, so that's my story. The end

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Anonymous said...

Amy Crosby is a badass. Go get Tony! Get him!

<3 Elizabeth