Monday, August 08, 2011

Photo Dump

Anyone read Kelle Hampton's blog "Enjoying the Small Things"? It's lovely, it really is. Check it out.

Anyways, Kelle does this "Friday Phone Dump" thing - I'm assuming it's when she downloads all the photos off her phone camera. I saw her's today and thought "wow, that's a great idea! I'm gonna try that too!" Hmm. 349 photos/videos on my phone. WOW, how did that happen? I haven't even had my iphone for 6 months and I've managed to fill it with that much *stuff*?!

Most of it is random junk that I'll hide away on my external hard drive for posterity, but there were a few interesting bits and pieces:

Colonial Sampler from the MFA's Needlework exhibit

 The new Art of the America's wing

Parrot Cake Pops 

Lily needs MamaBird love

Hipstamatic print of a winter sunset

Nobska Light, Falmouth

Ridiculously good sushi special at Asian C

Crossing some bridge in NY

Apple Tree in front of the John Adams birthplace

Jam in Newport

Cloudpocalypse in Quincy

Me, my cousin and my sis finish a 5K

My Church Fair Clivia blooms!

Berry Trifle for 4th of July

I Tiny Planet-ed Fenway

Me and Jam kayak Hingham Harbor

The first morning glories!
Chihuly at the MFA

Boston from Granite Links Golf Course

The awesome epic craft box I made my MIL

Slightly creepy pic of me on Jam's bday

Flyyy-yyy-yyy-yyy-yy-yy pic of the Jamonster, while boating on Lake Winnipesaukee (and trying desperately to beat the weather home, which we did!)

OK so Operation Photo Dump was pretty fun - lots of good memories were stuck in that iPhone and I'm glad they're free. Thinks it's definitely time to delete and make room for more.


Elizabeth said...

I love you, AC. You rock my world. I also miss you. Can we get together soon?

I really like that craft box you made your MIL! That looks awesome!


Al said...