Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Everyday I read dooce.com
Why? Because the woman who writes it is fucking BRILLIANT
I really should email her and tell her "You are fucking brilliant. Screw the people who tell you that you are 1. a bad mom 2. a bad person 3. a bad ex-mormon. Your blog is the shit and it makes my work day bearable THE END"
I was going to write this on a post card I had of humping giraffes and send it to her from Kenya, but then I got VD (Vomiting Diarrhea) food poisoning and instead of writing postcards, I was lying in the fetal position on a dirty bathroom floor trying not to die. But some day, I will tell her how entertained I am by her FUCKING BRILLIANT Blog.
Meanwhile READ IT and bask in the incredible funniness that is: dooce.com

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