Monday, October 03, 2005

peace like a frickin' river, that's what I have now that it's over

I RAN it in 2 hours and 23 minutes
I raised over 2200$$ for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
and I felt badass. I did. I admit it.

There's not really too much more to add. My sports bra was amazing and kept my small boobs in place and did not eat away at my skin. My shoes were fabulous and kept my feet going. My body held up all 13.1 miles. I had the names pinned to my back, names that my sponsers wanted to run in honor of or in memory of and the thought of them kept me moving as well. My coworker also gave me this amino acid revival shit and oh my God miles 6,7, and 8 were probably my fastest cause of that. Holy crap. Plus I didn't walk once (well except for at water stops but that doesn't count because HELLLOOOO I can't drink and run at the same time...yeah I'm spastic, but there it is, drinking and running do not mix for me). So basically I felt great. I could go into this heavy deep and real detail about how I proved to myself that I was strong and all that shit, but really I don't feel like it. I actually want to take a nap. Because I took the day off cause I am hobbling around cause my muscles and joints are all f-ed up. SO yeah. I will draw a picture though. This is me crossing the finish. My ankle is bleeding because of the electronic microchip anklet "if you don't wear this you don't get a time" thing messed up my leg and ate the skin off of it. ANd it bled everywhere. But that's ok, cause I got to buy first aid gear. yay.


Anonymous said...

Now that's hot.

I should have told you to put Ryno's dad's name on your shirt. Even though it wasn't cancer related. Just for craps and giggles (although no one's laughing). Whatev.


<3 Amy

Al said...

crap! I knew I was forgetting at least one person! Crap! Ryno's dad!
Well, I was thinking of him while I ran....I'm serious too. I was like "wow it's great to have lungs and a diaphragm that work and I can breathe, etc"

I did run with Sox pride dammit. I'll show you the pictures :D

Anonymous said...

YOU RULE. And yeah, you can do it dammit. You can. You proved it. And that's AWESOME. Way to have Red Sox pride. And way to have it tonight while we watch the game, and not LOST because ABC wants to kill our souls. (Of course I care about the game. OF COURSE. But it's LOST!) I know, I know...preaching to the choir...

You ran a half marathon! And that's just awesome. Any plans to run another one someday? Was it exilerating? Did you feel amazing at the end? Or just tired and dead? Now your stress is DONE!

Love for you, love for Ryno, love for Ryno's dad, and love for Minnie Crosby. Also, love for people who raise money for cancer research. Because that's just cool.

<3 Elizabeth