Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still Here!

I am still here!

Work is crazy!
Life is crazy!

There is noooo timmmmme!

Well there is time. Just not blogging time.

In a couple weeks we are celebrating our anniversary by heading out to Seattle:


When I told my boss she said "You'll love Seattle. Oh, but don't look for Seattle Grace. It's not real."
Me: -_-
Her: What?!

Me: I KNOW IT'S NOT REAL!!!!!!!!

So yes, we are just a few weeks away from our Seattle sojourn (oooh alliteration) - why'd we choose Seattle? Well we're visiting a Smith friend, Jam has always wanted to go to Seattle, and we want to have an anniversary dinner at the top of the Space Needle. It's not the fanciest anniversary trip, but we CAN'T WAIT to get away and are grateful to be going on a vacation at all :) yay!

Besides, we're saving up for next year. For our second anniversary and 30 and 35th birthdays and our big "pre-kids" trip we're really trying to plan a trip to: