Tuesday, February 28, 2006

summer....or really, at this point, even spring

Today I am horribly horribly cranky.
There's really no good explanation for it, but I feel like I'm about to snap.

I have been slightly rude to coworkers (like answering their questions with one word answers in an attempt to get them to stop talking to me) Me: (yawning) "Oh excuse me I am so sleepy for some reason today" (translation - I am so fucking tired for no reason, I tried to go bed early last night, felt really really sad so was awake and then had to read myself to sleep") Anorexia: "WHY?" Me: "I dunno really." Anorexia: "Were you up late? On the phone? Talking to your boyfriend?" Me: "Not really" (translation: "Mind your own business and shut the fuck up"

I have been rude to the email chain, by telling them, in case they were planning to, not to bash the president. That would really just push me over the edge. Am I a fan? Um. NO. But I am kind of at the point where I am 1. so incredibly sick of hearing how he sucks at life and everything else. So sick of it. People use him as a scapegoat from everything to "I got my period this morning. That damn president" to "Meatloaf hasn't had a new album since the 90's. Has to be Bush's fault" to "it's 25 degrees out today. God is making us suffer in the cold because He and everyone else in the entire world universe solar system, etc, hates the president of America." Fucking stoppit already people, you're starting to sound lame, and a majority of the people who were pissed off about the election but knows that the really evil ruling majority is actually the SENATE have lost all sympathy for you and no longer care what you have to say. I am serious.
2. you try being the president. I'm serious. See if you can do a better job. If you do, I would totally give you credit, but I am guessing you have no f*cking clue what it's like to be an elected official or to feel the pressure that a president feels. This is for all critics of all presidents. Once you've fucking tried to rule an entire nation, then you can really criticize. for now, please shut up, you are making my head hurt.
3. seriously, what the hell have you done for the world lately? Oh nothing but selfish acts, yeah that's what I thought. I'm not saying the president doesn't have his own agenda and isn't selfish, I am sure he is. But pause. SO ARE YOU, A-HOLE. I'm not saying I'm not. I totally am a selfish person. Absolutely. But maybe in my own quiet way I have stopped vocally complaining about shit because at this point in time we should've all realized that it's completely useless and you are just wasting the oxygen I need to breathe. Maybe I have secretly been plotting how I can go on to change things for the better. In teeny baby steps I've already done things, dedicated my time, and in certain cases what little money I have to devote to charitable causes, to change the world. Do I climb my roof every day and say "Take that bitches, I changed the world today!" No I don't. But at this point, I would rather hear that than about the President, however selfish those proclamations from the rooftops may be.
4. People talk about issues and don't know shit about them. This gets me the most. I won't even elaborate, but when you start going on and on and on about something and you are trying to convince me that the government, president, administration etc are assholes, but then you don't even have evidence or proof or even KNOW what you are talking about, SHUT UP I don't want to fucking hear it! Jesus Christ.
Sigh. Anyways. That's not like, aimed at anyone in particular, or even anyone I personally know, and for the record, people who think the president is the shit in a good way annoy me too, though honestly, when I hear people talking positively even if I completely disagree, it such a welcome change of pace I feel relieved.
I dunno. Maybe this is incredibly bitchy. But honestly, I am really trying to just focus on how lucky I am to live in America. Do you SEE what is happening in the rest of the world? We are so privileged and have so many rights and freedoms. I wouldn't trade places with anyone. And if I suggested "MOVE" to any of these people bitching they would probably look at me horrified and say "me? why ever would I move" Oh wait, because your life doesn't suck that hard. In fact it's pretty good. Cause you're AMERICAN. Of course I would like our country to be run better. I'd like people to have more respect for each other, and I'd like people to realize how blessed their lives are. I'd like people to stop being so fucking selfish. But that's not something that will change overnight, and people are going to have to change their lives before they realize these things and stop being jerks.

That was like the longest rant ever that began as "why I am depressed today" and evolved into "why you should all shut up"
I digress.
The real point:
I have no idea why I feel like this today.
I am going to chalk it up to the seasons. I forget what spring is like. I forget what it's like to sleep with the windows open, and to have the sun coming in through the screen door and to have plants in bloom and to be warm, and I think it just hit me all of the sudden and I got cranky. Yeah, let's let that be the explanation.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

stolen from my sister

I stole this from my sister's livejournal cause my blog window was still open from this afternoon and I thought "hey why not, it's something to do besides watching TV"

open up your media player. load up all your MP3s. Set it to random. List the first 20 songs that play. no cheating. bold the ones you find most embarrassing (if there are some.) Italicize your favorites. Underline your least favorites. post your list in your journal so others can mock and scorn and laugh.....

1. Carl's Fishing Net -from "Snow Falling on Cedars"
2. Journey through Africa -from "Nowhere in Africa"
3. Only If - Enya
4. Alma Mater, Smith College - Smith College Choir? Glee Club?
5. Music for the Nagangabana - The Baka People of Cameroon
6. Shake - Swahili bootleg CD bought in Kitengela Kenya
7. I Must Pass- from the documentary "Africa"
8. Kanan Neni - Raka Traore from the documentary "Africa"
9. The German Soldier -from "Snow Falling on Cedars
10. Ballad of John and Yoko - The Beatles
11. Szerelem, Szerelem -from "The English Patient
12. Get Back - The Beatles
13. EI - Nelly
14. You'll Keep Me Then? -from "Out of Africa"
15. Inkanyezi Nezazi -Ladysmith Black Mambazo
16. Karen Builds A School -from "Out of Africa
17. Something - The Beatles
18. In My Life -Chantal Krez-difficult-last-name-girl-who-sung-the-theme-song-to "providence"
19. Tearing Herself Away -from "The Hours"
20. In the Ghetto - Cartman

This was fun. Of course after I did the first 20, I heard all the songs I really like, like Check it Out by the Beastie Boys, Thin Line by J5 featuring Nelly Furtado, and Cry to Me, Solomon Burke. The above list doesn't really capture my style, though I like soundtracks and african music. I'm just glad Nelly got in there, hahahahha.

An African chant in Kikuyu just came on. I closed my eyes and imagined myself in Kenya. I am grateful music has the ability to transport you. Now "Heart Asks Pleasure First" in on from "The Piano." It is so incredibly passionate! I haven't listened to that soundtrack in forever, it's so wonderful. I should watch the movie, another great film. This soundtrack always made me want to move and dance too. Probably because I wrote papers to it in college, and when I fast song came on I"d take the opportunity to get up and MOVE. Oh boy, now Stevie Nicks is singing "Sunday Kind of Love.."......kind of puts me....in a......heh heh heh moooooood ;-) And my cue to leave this post "It's five o'clock somewhere" I do believe it is time for me to hit the Captain and coke..

church lady

I was informed yesterday that the family would be required to attend church this morning. Today would have been my Grandma Kitty's 74th birthday, and we donate flowers to the church service every year on the weekend of her birthday in her memory. SO even though my dad's been having a hard time returning to church after the gay marriage battle* we knew that we would have to go to see the flowers and take them home, etc etc.

Well this morning I awoke to my alarm and I was cranky as all hell. Horribly cranky. I'm not sure why. I did stay up late last night, first reading "Off the Beaten Pat: Massachusetts" trying to find fun things to do with my sister, who'll be moving home after she graduates, and my boyfried for when he comes to visit. I drifted, my boyfriend called and woke me up and then tried to carry two conversations at once, which for some reason really annoyed me so I was kind of bitchy (sorry for that) so that call just ended the night weirdly, and I proceeded to have the weirdest dreams about friends and family, woke up with my jaw out of the socket from grinding my teeth, and nearly peed my pants because I had woken up in the night having to pee and was too cold and lazy to get up and go. So bad start. Then my hair wouldn't cooperate and I didn't have enough bobby pins in the house to fix it. grrrrr. I got into the car in a huff.

Upon entering the coat room at church I was feeling VERY UNCHRISTIAN. I mean REALLY bad. THis guy was trying to shove his kid's mittens in his coat and was taking up all the space at the coat rack, right where I needed to hang my coat. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other (my feet were resting in a pair of fabulous Chinese Laundry extended toe stiletto black sling backs though!) and probably sighed. He moved, but as he moved, another lady from my church walked in. NOw she's nice enough, but she's overkill sometimes and was VERY happy this morning. She made some joke to my mom, and was all cheery happy and as we walked out of my church I made a throw up face. My mom just looked at me like "wtf are you DOING we're IN CHURCH!"

We go upstairs to get seated. It's a full house, as the third graders were getting their bibles and there was a baptism. SInce my dad mom and I wanted to sit in a pew together, we had to sit in the very back, which was actually fine with me, as we never sit there. As I turned into the pew, I saw what would be my punishment for sitting in the back: Henrietta (whose name I have changed to something slightly ridiculous to protect her identity).

Henrietta is a lady that goes to my church. She kills my soul. We were in bell choir together and she was wretched and could not read music, yet she and her equally wretched friend spent the whole time criticizing everyone else and bossing them. Henrietta is a bad singer who launches into an operatic vibrato in the midst of hymns, out of tune and behind on the words (not that I'm a good singer. I suck, actually, but at least I know it.) WHen it comes down to it, Henrietta is evil. THis is how I know: she is 80+, wears highly fashionable "mature woman" type clothes, and heels to church. She is not NORMAL, so she must be evil (clearly, this makes sense). There are a bunch of other characteristics besides these that make her evil, like her busy-bodiness, her short troll-like-ness, her bossiness, etc. I want to note that I am sure she is a perfectly reasonable and maybe even nice woman, and these observations are one made be a person who knows practically nothing about her, they're just a stereotype meant to be funny. Anyways, we went through announcements at church, and she had an under-the-breath comment for everything. Minister: "In the old English tradition we will be serving a Pancake Dinner in conjuction with the Episcopal Church on Shrove Tuesday" Henrietta "IMAGINE Pancakes for dinner, uckkkkkk" or Minister: "Do we have any concerns I missed" Henrietta gesticulates wildly to a man in front of us with his hand raised (under breath) 'Right here in front of you hello you missed this one"

This was annoying enough, but when it came time to sing the first hymn, that was when the true challenge began. I saved the hymn insert so I could copy down how the congregation sung it compared to Henrietta. Italics represent when she broke into operatic vibrato:

Congregation: Open my eyes, that I may see Glimpses of truth Thou hast for me;
Henrietta: Open my eyes, that I may seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee truth THOUuuuuuuu me

Congregation: Place in my hands the wonderful key That shall unclasp and
Henrietta: Plaaaaaaaaaaccceeee the wonderful key That shallllllllllllllllllllll

Congregation: set me free Silently now I wait for Thee, Ready my God, Thy
Henrietta: set me freeeeeeeeeeee noww I wait for theeeeeeeeeeeeeee God, Thy

Congregation: will to see; Open my eyes illumine me, Spirit divine!
Henrietta: will to see; Open my eyesssssssssssssssss SPIRIT DIVIIIIINNNNNEEEEEEEEE!

Now. Church is supposed to be somewhat solemn and reflective. Try being solemn and reflective next to this woman! I started to feel a laugh coming inside. I was like "no don't even think about it. think of something sad, quick" I looked at a church member who has been sick for a while. THat calmed me down. But everytime the vibrato started up I was in agony trying not to laugh, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her short body facing me, as if she was singing like that on purpose to challege me! IT was pure torture. I'm sure she thought she could teach me a thing or two about singing, but still....my suckage almost cannot compare to hers.

Luckily we don't sing too too much in church, although there was an extra hymn "Jesus Friend so Kind and Gentle" for the baptism today. More vibrato. I gripped the pew cushion and stared hard at the baby so as not to laugh. Then on a more serious note I realized how important it would be to me to have my children baptized and raised as Christians, which surprised me as I never realized that it would be important to me. Luckily, these thoughts finally got me in the right mindset for church and since I had been a bad christian x 1000 already I decided to devote my attention whole heartedly to the sermon. It was about transfiguration and working on eliminating your "blindspots," things you are aware of, or maybe even only slightly aware, but desperately try to ignore. The minister was like "ask your spouse, your kids, your parents, your siblings what your blindspots are, they'd be more than happy to tell you what you need to acknowlege and work on." I have to think about this one for me. But immediately I thought of things for my parents. MOM DAD I HAVE SEX LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX WITH MY BOYFRIEND SOMETIMES EVEN IN HOTELS! MOM DAD MY BOYFRIEND AND I HAVE SERIOUSLY TALKED ABOUT MARRIAGE AND TAN BABIES! MOM DAD I TURN 24 IN 6 WEEKS AND SOMETIMES I THINK YOU THINK OF ME AS 16! MOM DAD I REALLY WISH YOU WOULD REALIZE HOW MUCH I DO WANT TO GO TO GRAD SCHOOL BUT HOW FUCKING SCARY IT IS TO KNOW IT COSTS 30,000 A YEAR! MOM DAD I HAVE SEX, HOT NASTY.....

IT was then I caught myself thinking about sex in a house of God. I glanced at my parents, serenely listening to the end of the sermon. We stood to sing a final hymn. As they walked out ahead of me I thought "sometimes, God gives people blindspots for a damn good reason.....I think I'll stick to trying to convert them to using alternative sources of energy and hybrid vehicles before I approach the whole sex deal....cause I think those blindspots are pretty much working out for me right now. HA. As I shuffled out into the aisle, I looked back and saw Henrietta looking at me as if she could see right into my dirty mind and twisted soul. I sauntered down the stairs, making extra sure to wiggle my butt and flaunt my sleek looking legs (control stockings thank you God). Sometimes, fun is what you make of a situation. Even church.

*yes, our church had to vote whether or not to "allow" gay marriage in our church. The vote was like 173-9 overwhelmingly in favor of "yes" but that's not the reason my dad's not going, the reason is that the discussion prior to the vote was so incredibly disrespectful that he was not sure he could stand in the presence of such rude individuals, so he's been careful to work a bunch of Sundays to avoid the situation. I missed the gay vote but haven't been going to church because I've either slept through it or been away, not making a statement like my father has, hahahaha. I will say that he and most of the church members are back to their old selves and we've moved on though, so that's grooooood.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Two night skillz

I am about to go to a baby shower for a doctor at work.
Normally, I don't hang with the docs. I am too lowly to be found in their presence.
But this doc, well basically, she's the shit. She's really fabulous, wrote me a rec for grad school, is chill and really pretty (hahahhaha she's probably smart too hahaha) and just a cool lady. Anyways, she had her baby a month early while I was in Kenya, so I scrapped the baby sweater i was making cause I was kinda like "forget it."

Well on Wednesday my coworker is like "oh let's go to the baby shower they're having for her." I was like "BABY SHOWER!!!!!!!????!!!! WTF??!!!"

Because I have skillz I only panicked for a sec. Then I rushed home. I gathered my patterns about me, went to AC MOORE, bought cheap thread and what is in my eyes, substandard but acceptable and even pretty fabric. I plopped myself on the couch for every free moment I had on Wednesday and Thursday and at 12am last night, I finished this:

Now it is much more vibrant in real life, and I did have to modify it a bit. I did not have the bird charms, nor did I have the patience to do about 100 french knots on each cloud, so I excluded both. It still looked cute though. I did go with a blue linen fabric, very nice. Framing was a huge issue. The design in 5 1/2" by 5 3/4" and of course I bought a 5x7 mat, having the options of 5x7 or 8x10. I was afraid that a small design set in an 8X10 mat (the opening is 8x10) and then framed in an 11x14 frame, would look lost. So as I stitched and realized that the 5x7 did not have a chance in hell of fitting the picture, I decided I would cut it.
I had a blue mat, darker than the fabric very nice. I cut the entire lower half of the frame, not even thinking, so the razor score line went across the mat, no good. Took the less desirable but white mat that came with the simple white frame I bought. Right away as I'm cutting, the razor strays from the straight edge, and I have a freakish crooked line travelling across the mat. Now I am desperate. It's midnight. I know I won't have time to deal with this in the morning. I look for extra mats in the house. None. I have an idea. I rip out a manilla envelope I had in my desk. It is full of matted prints of my "best photos ever" that I had on my wall in college. I find Peyto Lake. It's mat is the perfect shade. I grab the razor, cut it out of the mat and then measure the opening. As I get ready to cut the mat to size, I realize that it's my last chance for perfection. so I line the straight edge up perfectly, then step onto my kitchen counter and onto the straight edge, to stabilize it. I make the cuts nearly perfectly. Of course the edges aren't all nice and angled in now that i've cut them, but it's passable. I didn't even iron the finished piece, or mount in properly. I taped that bitch right to the mat then threw it in the frame I bought. Luckily I had the presence of mind to buy a piece of "non glass", no glare plastic that is better than glass, mostly because it is excellent at concealing small imperfections. So all in all, it looks great, and to a person who is more than likely uncrafty, it'll probably look hawt. I hope it does. Even with my critical eye with this type of thing, if I received this as a gift, it would go on my kid's wall. So that being said, I think I will congratulate my mad skillz :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Starbucks Cup #65 Beth Israel Deaconess, Boston

The Way I see It #65

If you're worried about getting a
job - or keeping one - start a
company of your own. By doing
so, you'll reap the rewards of your
hard work and you'll only get
fired if you fail. This is the land
of opportunity. Live in it.

--Bruce Campbell
Actor best known for B-movies
such as
The Evil Dead and
author of Make Love! the
Bruce Campbell Way.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Starbucks Cup # 78, venti latte, Hampton, LI, NY

The Way I See It #78

My inspiration for writing comes from
the mundane details of my day.
I hear a song in the hum of the
New York subway, in the drops of rain
on the city street,
in the buzz of overheard
conversations in a crowded park.
The aim of my songwriting is to
translate these ordinary,
everyday moments into something
transcendental and universally inspiring.
-- John Legend
Musician. His songs can be heard on
Starbucks Hear Music™ station,
XM Satellite Radio Channel 75.
This Latte saved my ass and my boyfriend's as I was falling asleep at the wheel driving back from Montauk. I spotted a quaint little brick Starbucks in a quaint little village on Long Island and basically stopped the car in front of it, gathered enough wits about me to actually legally park, and then bolted towards Starbucks without even asking Jam if he wanted anything (which I did go back and do!) Just holding the latte seemed to wake me up, and the Vanilla Sunshine Cupcake I purchased didn't hurt either. Anyways, that delicious latte was consumed at record speed and kept me awake and even bitchy until at least 11pm.....though I was only really bitchy for a short portion of that time, I swear..............;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my sister teaches me about exercise

moon goddess: guys should be building muscles and girls should be toning them
wildorchid: ahhh ok
moon goddess: because girls aren't built to build muscle
moon goddess: and guys are
wildorchid: ohh ok
moon goddess: my teacher was like, "i'm not being sexist. girls' bodies just aren't built that way"
wildorchid: if someone said that to me I would be like "I agree"
wildorchid: hahahahah
wildorchid: it's not sexist, it's just, you know, the facts
wildorchid: we were meant to have babies
wildorchid: the men were meant to lift the heavy shit we can't
moon goddess: hahahaha
moon goddess: and build pyramids and crap
wildorchid: yep
wildorchid: useless stuff
moon goddess: hahaha

Monday, February 13, 2006

I don't think you're ready for this jelly

Xcalibur: I just farted so hard it vibrated the chair
wildorchid: yesssssssssssss
wildorchid: I took the largest crap of my life just a while ago
wildorchid: we're a hot couple
Xcalibur: sure are
wildorchid: oh that's going in the blog
wildorchid: hahahhahahhaahhah
Xcalibur: I knew it would

Do you honestly think the world could handle it if we were to procreate?

Nope, which is exactly why we'll do it :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

snow day


So it's 10:45 am on a Sunday and I am sitting in front of my computer in a slightly disorganized room listening to Christina Aguilera. Nothing is quite as satisfying as being snowed it. :)

It's not that I'm even snowed in. We have maybe 4 inches on the ground. The wind is really intense though, creating blizzard white-out conditions, therefore making it dangerous to drive, therefore making us SNOWED in. Most people would probably be pissed off, but honestly, I couldn't care less. It's the weekend which means I usually try to pack about 7 days worth of errands and chores into 2 days, and on Sunday night I usually end up cranky and tired and generally pissed off that I have to go to work tomorrow and yet I still feel like I never got any "rest."

A snow day changes ALL of that. I can't go out. It's so sweet. I actually think my car may be covered by a tarp held down by bricks. So even if I wanted to go out, it would take too much effort. ha. SO so far I've only been awake for like, an hour, but I already feel like I've accomplished a lot of stuff. I took Lily out of his cage and danced with him to some hip hop and reggaetone, which I think he enjoyed because he whistled the whole time we were dancing around my room. I also went through my cross stitch projects so I could see what was what. I have been cross stitching so many gifts lately. I would post them here, but that would ruin the surprise. So far, I made a baby gift for my cousin:
I was really happy with the way this came out. The colors are a little softer in real life than they are in the picture, plus I didn't know what they were naming the baby yet, so I adjusted the picture so I didn't have to stitch a name. Also, I stitched it on the most gorgeous light blue fabric, as I knew they were having a boy. I even framed and matted it myself, with a dark blue mat to compliment the text and a white frame. It was sweet and simple.

Next weekend I am heading to NYC to see my supah-hot boyfriend (who is texting me right now bragging about all the snow in NYC, hahahah watch out, NEW ENGLAND'S right behind you...actually 22.5'' might be overkill) and to Long Island to go to my friend's cousin's birthday party (we have all become pretty friendly this past year, there's a group of us) ANYWAYS my point is is that I've stitched her a picture as well. Since she is going to school to become a teacher, I figured she'd need a little inspiration on her desk, especially if she has one of those really bad days. I am going to mat and frame this one myself too. I have blue paint and an unfinished frame as well as these really cute little star charms that I'm going to glue onto the frame. I also got the "Michael's Book of Crafts" out of the library for painting tips. I know I want to use crackle medium on the frames of two other pieces I've made for other birthdays, but I don't want to use that on this. I am leaning towards trying to antique the edges, like they have in this frame, but from what the book says it's a shitton of steps, and I'm not sure I'm in the mooooood for a shitton of steps, especially when I have a shitton of other projects to work on! The great thing that I have discovered since resuming my serious cross stitch addiction is that I'm very very fast. Especially when some of these pictures require less detail, though even the baby picture that required a thread color change every five seconds was completed in about 4 days. SO I am stitching up a storm. I actually went to a cross stitch shop yesterday with my mom, where I foolishly bought a $48 piece of hand dyed fabric thinking I would use it to stitch a picture for a charity auction. Yeah right. I got home and stared at it and thought "no way. I love FosterParrots, but this is insane. I am not make them a 28"x36" cross stitch masterpiece only to have it go to silent auction and have someone bid $25 on it and have a net loss. That would be insane." Now I'm not sure if this would actually happen, but it's the first year they're having this huge benefit and all the "what-ifs?" are going through my head. Like, what if no one shows or no one comes willing to spend money, or has the money to spend? Therefore, I have decided to go to plan B, which is a series of smaller parrot pictures. SOmeone else can decide how they will be sold. Also, some things I know for sure that I'm making are lovebird towels. I got a free lovebird pattern online. It's for a standard peach faced, but I think I will adapt it to have several variations, especially since the parrot people can be such drama queens about their birds. I have time I think I should make several sets of these. The pattern is pretty small too, so I may have to adapt it, but this should be a pretty straightforward design, plus it's the only parrot pattern I have thus far. I would upload the image but my computer is being a super bitch. Bitch.

SO I have the benefit stuff to do, but have til September, various wedding and birthday and baby stuff, plus I really want to try and do something fabulous for graduation, especially for Kristen who made me a QUILT which I love and adore. I know it won't be as cool as that, but if I could make something fairly original and of COURSE, Smith themed that'd be awesome. I was thinking of a "memory pillow." I swear I saw one once, but I googled it and google was like 'yeah ok, see that doesn't exist." It's a pillow with this little pocket on the back that you can slip memories into......I'd really love to do that, and have a cross stitch Smith thing on the front. I designed a saying with the Grecourt gates for the class of '03, but then never finished them (which is not such a bad thing considering, LOL) so yeah, I have til May to get on that.

Today I'm also gonna try out my MTV yoga DVD's, my resistance bands and research the New York Half Marathon I want to do. As well as scan my Africa PICTURES :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Starbucks Cup #67, Longwood Ave, Boston and my timely undeath

The Way I See It #67
Throughout millennia, traditional
peoples have believed features of
the landscape were alive. Whatever
our beliefs may be today, we have learned that we must strive to
understand our place in the
environment and to reach a
sustainable equilibrium with it.
--Johan Reinhard, Ph.D.
High-altitude archaeologist and
National Geographic
By far my favorite Starbucks cup yet.
My timely undeath occured today. I say that because it could have been (though unlikely) my untimely death, but it was not.
As per usual, I took the red line this morning, and was unusually proud that I was on the train at 7am, which means I will be on time, perfectly so, for work. This made me excited, as I had been late every day for the past 7 days or so. sweet. So I'm minding my business on the train and a guy walks on with 2 kids under the age of 4. Shockingly, the man next to me stands up, and the dad tells the little girl to sit. I think "well he should sit with the little boy, who's even smaller than the girl." SO I get up and say "you sit too." He lets the little boy sit. A bit off the mark, but whatev, it makes me happy that I did something nice for someone. After standing for about 10 minutes watching the little kids be all excited about riding the train, I remember why I like getting on at Braintree, the first stop: SO I CAN SIT AND SLEEP. I'm standing on the train, holding on to a dirty pole and think "this is no good. but AH! It's only 7:39, I still have time to catch the 7:40 bus!" When the train pulls up to JFK/UMASS, I lean forward to assess the situation: the bus is by the curb, nearly empty. Sweet, I think, the bus will wait for us, since it's empty and the driver can clearly see the train pulling up the to the station. I make my mad dash to the stairs, and up them I go. I like to get ahead of the bus crowd right at this point. This ensures me a seat, plus I hate getting bogged down in the thronging masses of BC High boys with their huge awkward bags and slow-moving trudging steps. I get to the main thoroughfare and then exit the station. I have three flights of stairs to go down. Another woman and I have clearly moved to the head of the pack in hopes of catching the bus that has now started to move out of the station. "Dammit" the woman next to me says. We start to run. Now I have high heeled boots on, but that's not a big deal, as I can run in anything. And I mean anything. I start running ahead of her and make it to the first flight of stairs thinking "if the bus driver sees me on the bottom flight of stairs running he'll stop" I move on to the second, now way ahead of everyone. I'm about halfway down when I stumble, launching my body headfirst towards the concrete landing. I'm not used to falling that way, so it took a split second to figure out what was happening. I hear the lady who was running with me scream, loudly. It must've helped me to snap out of it, because I grabbed the railing to prevent myself from landing on my head, all the while thinking "this can't be good." I manage to get my feet under me, but this cause my right ankle to turn inward, which in turn caused my knee to bend. My shin hit the stairs and then I slid the rest of the way down and miraculously landed on my feet. Everyone paused for a moment and I got up, straightened my jacket and said "well it certainly isn't worth breaking my leg over." The lady behind me said "I screamed because I thought you were gonna land on your head" I said "oh no, I'm fine!" (though embarrassed as hell). Then she said "Did you break your ankle." I was like 'uh I hope not, but if i did this bus goes to the hospital, hahahah." I got on the bus first (I deserved it after all that) and sat down. That's when the pain hit me. Adrenaline had saved me before, but as soon as I sat down I was like "Oh SHIT that HURT!"
Really, I'm fine....banged up, sore, but fine, considering i could've landed on my head, hahahaha

Thursday, February 02, 2006

tuneless humming and w-2's

Dear Anorexia,

I hate it when you tunelessly hum as you do your work. This is the office where fun goes to die. It's silent as a tomb. Which isn't ideal, but you know what? I deal with it. What I hate is the humming. It's not even a real song. It's tuneless noise, worse than the highly irritating white noise of the printer next to me.

What's also annoying is your dumbness. Don't make it so obvious. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't stare at me gaped mouth like a trout that I just fished out of a river, and then go "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???" in a high pitched voice and follow it with a hearty "Nuh-aaa-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" And if you don't know about certain things, don't bring them up. Like when you say that "Angelina is a dirty bi because she's "done things" with both men and women." I could write a manifesto on that statement. A fucking thesis on 1. why bi's aren't dirty (well, I mean they're not dirty cause they're bi. They could be either physically dirty or dirty dirty, but that's cool too if you're into that) 2. why just because you've "done things" with men and women it doesn't mean you're bi. I want to be like "am I bi? Cause I do a lot of things with women, like eat lunch with them, shop with them, ride on the MBTA with them......soooo am I dirty? will you ask to have your seat changed because you don't want to be near me anymore in case I make a pass at you? (note: if I were a sex-deprived lesbian and could somehow procreate with women and Anorexia and I were the last two people on earth, I would let the human species die. don't hate me for it, you don't know this girl.....*shudder*). Argh. Anyways, you should just let a lot of things go if you can't keep up. That isn't to be bitchy, but when I say things like "You hear how Saddam Hussein walked out of his own trial?" and you say "WHAAA? Nuh-ah, no way, they caught Saddam?" you should just save yourself the embarrassment and keep your mouth shut. I will give you credit for one thing though, you know more about Jessica and Nick than anyone else I've ever met. Fo' Realz.

In other news, I have my W-2's. hooray. I shall use them to buy a laptop. That way, I can blog at home and not at work, thus being more likely to get work done and not lose my job.


do you think the laptop will have Paint on it? I hope so........